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It's okay to be a little selfish every now and again and put your needs first! If it means disconnecting, turning your phone on aeroplane  mode, eating the whole tub of ice cream, or just not giving a flying F*** then it is what it is! It's your Guilty Pleasure...


Ingredients high light and benefits 


Butter milk powder is a natural form of Lactic acid an AHA, which gently exfoliates the top layer of skin, with its highly moisturising properties it can help improve conditions like Keratosis Polaris and gently sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing brighter and smoother skin. 


Collodial Oatmeal is commonly used to help relieve dry, itchy skin and is highly favoured for those with sensitive skin too! High in anti inflammatory properties its great for anyone dealing with an irritated or broken skin barrier. Intensely moisturising, it reincforces the skin barrier back to health. 


Morrocan Ghassoul Clay  acts as a natural cleanser, detoxing the skin from excess dirt, oil and bacteria. It clears up acne breakouts, minimises pores and clarifys over all skin surface. 


Horse Chest Nut Powder has powerful anti inflammatory properites which aid in relaxing sore, tired and achy muscles. It has been known to help reduce conditions like varicose veins. Profound in compound like Aescin which inhibits the break down of Hyaluronic acid, helps retain hydration levels. 


Hibiscus and Rose petals whilst these are great for decoration, they also have their own set of benefits, like increasing collagen production, anti bacterial and inflammatory properties, skin tightening, brightening and firming traits, they are the perfect addition to this all rounder bath soak. 

Guilty Pleasure Bath Soak


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